ABC Holiday Shops

Here are 10 reasons to run your Holiday Shop with ABC:


  1. BETTER PRICING FOR YOUR STUDENTS!! Compare our items to our competitors and you will find our prices are lower. That means students will be able to buy MORE gifts!        
    NO INVENTORY PROGRAM!!  You never have to count your merchandise! Invoice based on sales!
  1. High-quality merchandise: compare our products with our competitors and you will find better quality items!. All children’s items meet or exceed government child safety standards.
  1. 80% of the items are priced $5.00 and under! These are the highest selling categories in every shop.
  1. All items are price coded for easy totaling. (Ex. All items with PC-01 are $0.50) Items are boxed according to price code for easy setup. This also makes it easier to locate merchandise.
  2. Website for reordering, tallying and invoicing is fast and easy          to use 24/7! Visit 
  1. Preprogrammed cash register for easy checkout!
  1. Free Supplies. We provide a sponsor guide, tablecloths, gift bags, posters, flyers, and money envelopes; all the supplies you need to run your shop. No Charge! All flyers are printed in English and Spanish.
  1. Local sports team souvenirs-Broncos, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rockies, CU, CSU and more!! 
  1. ABC is a local company! We warehouse all merchandise at our location in Greenwood Village CO. This means fast, easy and friendly face to face customer service!